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We invite you to an Interactive Musical Theatre experience

presents a play in English
Bhagwaan Dhoondo
(In search of God
A Devised Theatre Performance done in
"Complete The Story" style of Theatre
Directed by Nandini Rao & Ranji David

Date - Coming Soon
Time - 6.30 pm
Venue - ADA rangamandira, J C road

infront of ravindra kalakshetra and town hall,
Close to corporation circle

from MG road -
from kormanagala-

Ticket - 250, 150 Rs/-
Telebooking – 9845223693| 9845853093

Music is by Band Agam (National Award Winners of Bandhunt oohlalala)
Backdrop used is a magnificent painting of

"The City" by Anand Kumar (National Award Winning Painter)

This production is done in "Complete the Story" style of theatre where the
audience gets to end the last few scenes of the play
which is then enacted by the actors on the spot.

It traces a journey; journey of people in multiple stages of life, of city, plasticity, concreteness,
oness, abstraction, and duality of the mind. This devised production is completely
exploratory in nature with multiple short stories on the theme of search
with music being a common thread. It explores movement, drama, and soundscapes.
The production is an amalgamation of lights, music, and actors.

Exploring a journey in the city, in search of: a moment of happiness, never ending
quest of self identity, definition of success, a passion which keeps us ticking,
a calling we wait for, chasing dreams, in pursuit of truth, seeking the meaning of life.

This thought provoking play involves and engages you into a surreal world
which is visually striking, musically resonating and emotionally absorbing .
It resembles our lives in a city that we exist.
Bhagwaan Dhoondo is a play with many colla
ge, many slices of our lives.

Bhagwan Dhoondo Testimonials

A Deccan Herald Review: "a brilliant and witty commentary on lives in cities..."
Full article >>

Audience Speaks

" Bhagwan Dhundhoo captures the turmoil of today's Youth, it needs
to reach out to every corner of India" says Prof. Sadgopan, IIIT-B.

" A beautiful play, the symbolic moments in the play
was so masterfully crafted " says Prof. Prabhu ,IIIT-B

" Mesmerising !! Spellbound !! Perfect lighting, Awesome music to
go wid some splendid stage performances. It was just so perfect " says Satya Sutar

" Brilliant performance, such a fine team! Very creative needless to
mention abt d lighting...Hoping to see more of YT soon " says Aparna Kongot

" Brilliant indeed, Use of light-shadow, music, theme, performance,
everything was good! I want to watch it again! " says Guruprasad Narayana

" Superb, brilliant, saw interactive play 4 d 1st time... visual treat and music was lovely
... loved d performances!!! :) " says Nitesh Varma

" Bhagwaan Dhoondo was Brilliant,every aspect was like a realization "
says Shashank Rangaprasad

" An eye opener...awe inspiring performances...ultra-brilliant concepts !!!
n yes the music was fantabulous,haunting.!!! " says Mudassar Khattab

Next show Details
VENUE – ADA ranga mandira, JC road, next to townhall,
infront of Ravindra kalakshetra, corporation circle, Bangalore

from MG road -
from kormanagala-

Telebooking – 9845223693| 9845853093 |