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childrens workshop

Yours Truly Theatre's
W orkshop For Children

Yours Truly Theatre
Theatre classes for children
Age group (7 to 10 years and 10 to 16 years)

Language – English

Venue – No.1, 17th E Main Road,
CMH Road, Indiranagar.
Map -click here http://tinyurl.com/ykgyqht

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For more details call 8618113604 / 8618960085


Thematics include:
- Creativity & Innovation
- Spontaniety
- Fun-based learning
- Breaking habitual-bound thinking
- Understanding the language of expressions
- Working with rhythms and patterns
- Exploring transformations
- Exploring puppetry
- Exploring devised work
- Understanding and exploring improvizations
- Characterization
- Ensemble work

Why "Theatre" Classes for Children:
Historically, theatre has always been a fantastic tool to help build skills which help not only in theatre but also enhances the other vital social and interpersonal skills such as:

Creativity & Innovation
Effective Problem solving skills
Communication Skills
Public Speaking
Positive & High self Esteem
Working together in Teams

Children who involve themselves in drama are less likely to have difficulty speaking in public. They would be more persuasive in their communications in both written and oral forms of communication. They would also be able to empathize and relate to others, and will have a more confident & positive self image of themselves.

Why "Yours Truly Theatre":
Children will explore Interactive Theatre and improvization in its purest form. Facilitators come with a rich experience of improvizational theatre for more than a decade along with visiting external faculty from countries such as US & UK. Currently we are the only group in India to be specializing in almost 10 different forms of Improvizational Theatre.

Why "Improvizational" Theatre Classes:
Improvizational theatre is when actors perform on situations and stories thrown at them by audiences on the spot with no prior rehersals. We specialze in Improvizational Theatre. This format polishes creativity, spontaniety, team work, ability to articulate thoughts and express them on the spot without fear, apprehensions, or inhibitions. Hugely popular in the west, Improv is only now taking its root in India. Yours Truly Theatre is at the forefront of using multiple formats of Improv in India. Check our styles of theatre to understand the formats that we specialize in.

Improvizational skills helps build intelligence's such as spatial, lingustic, bodily kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic, and existential.

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For more details
mail us at yourstrulytheatre@gmail.com