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Complete the Story"

It is our constant endeavor to produce newer forms of theatre, which not only evokes and provokes but also educates the audiences.

Out of this arose "Complete The Story" from Yours Truly

This format combines improvisation and conventional drama, the actors perform a play in conventional style and at a crucial point of the story the performance is paused and the audience is invited to suggest an ending to the play. This ending which is decided by audience through a conductor (who acts as a bridge between the audience and the actors), is then enacted by actors impromptu.

All reactions are taken and the actors enact the final few scenes as suggested by the audience. As interesting and involving it may sound for the audience, it is however, very demanding and exciting for the actors.

From the first time this format was conceived in 2004, the format has seen huge transformations. Earlier when we started we experimented the form with an audience size of 30. Now the form is able to handle 300+ audience reactions easily.

Over a periof of time the actors grew comfortable with the tool, the audiences began to understand the power within it, and the group is now able to take it to higher levels with more complex stories and social issues, which are commonly discussed during performances.