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Yours truly: THEATRE APPLIED is committed to using theatre based approach in corporate training and make them a experiential learning. Right from communication programs to leadership program, theatre can be a great tool to let participant experience the change and live it.

interactive theatre as a medium in corporate set up for purposes like conflict management, change managment, and other organizational issues. We also address issues which needs open platform to discuss issues and get the target crowd sensitized about them.

The topics could range from inclusivity and encourage diversity of gender, religion, nationalities or special people, parenting, work-family balance and more.
We use various formats of theatre like complete the story, forum theatre where members get to interact with each other and come up with solutions of how the story should end. This process gets the members sensitized about the topic without being preached. Also many techniques including masks, puppets are used to convey ideas which delivers powerful messages.

Case studies:

Theatre Intervension for: Volvo
Theme: Diversity & Inclusion
Participants: 500 Women & Men from diverse Departments

Theatre Intervension for: Yahoo
Theme: Coming together as team & Celebrating Success
Participants: Mid & Senior Management

Theatre Intervension for: Puma
Theme: Change management
Participants: Young team from diverse backgrounds

Theatre Intervension for: Nokia
Theme: Change management
Participants: Senior Management - HR

Theatre Intervension : 24/7
Theme: Understanding Team Dynamics
Participants: HR, OD & Training team

Our strength: With more than 12 years experience as a pioneering interactive theatre company in India working with diverse audiences from across India and outside India, we continue to investigate & specialise the practice of creative theatre application as an agent for individual and organizational transformation through performances and workshops.

The Recomended Approach: Phase one includes Senstisation & Reflection process followed phase two of Active solution seeking process. This is then followed by last phase of evaluation and application of most effective solutions back in action.

Approach of application of theatre in the Change Management:

Theatre as the change agent:
The intervension had dual-approach:
1) Interactive theatre performance:

Purpose: to create an open platform to help participants reflect & understand phases of change (participant driven)
Action: Interactive theatre performance helped participant reflect of aspects of changes in personal and professional life and secondly performance created sensitization and gentle acceptance towards change. It also helped participants feel a sense of recognition, transition, and acceptance of change.

2) A Interventional Theatre workshop: which helped participants understand the concept transition of change and thus understand the process of change.Secondly it creat an awareness of dealing with change (+v’es)

Theatre performance & workshop based intervension have been done for:

HAL Management Academy
ICICI Manipal

Performance based intervension have been done for:
Infosys - (CDG, Team REU and Infosys Mysore campus )
Deutsche bank
Indian Oil

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