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Internal Workshops

Internal Faculties:
Our Artistic Directors comprise of the Yours Truly Theatre Internal Faculties, who conduct Basic and Advanced Theatre Workshop for members. They specialize in Improvizational Theatre. To read more about our Artistic Directors >
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External Faculties
Learning at Yours Truly Theatre never stops. Every actor needs constant updation of skills, we at Yours Truly invite renowned personalities to conduct workshops on various skill sets and theatre formats on a need basis. These workshops are exclusively for Yours Truly Members only. Workshops range from 1 to 2-day. These workshops typically may not culminate in a performance as they completely exploratory in nature

Some of the workshops are meant to make an actor look deep within, some are meant to create an awareness on other theatre formats.

External Faculties:
Supriya Aziz, UN
Madhu Shukla, NSD
Sujay Saple, TCT
Jeff, Australian
Ross, Australian
Adam Dow, Seattle
Veena Basavaraju, Contemprorary Dance
Astrid, Germany