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The YT Theatre Lab was created with an intention to create newer forms and styles. It is also to encourage members and others within the group to explore beyond what is usually known. Some of the most complex Improvizational work is done only by the most experienced actors in Yours Truly.

Lab works include

1. Complete the story
This format emerged from our theatre lab. Here a regular scripted story is stopped n the midway and the audiences are asked to suggest an ending, after which the actors enact the ending on the spot, impromptu. CTS was done as a public production in 2006 with 4 different short stories in 4 different languages; English, Hindi, Kannda, and Tamil with a production called Final Touches. The next two productions of YT "Common Man" and "Bhagwan Dhundoo" are also done in this style of theatre
2. Perspective Theatre
This format emerged from our theatre lab. Here a story is taken and redone under each of the characters influence. A simple story is looked from another character's perspective which throws light on that situation and scene and it only tell us how differently we all as humans look at a single incident.
The play CLT+ALT+DEL directed by Nandini was performed with this style of theatre
3. Mushayara Theatre
This format emerged from our theatre lab. Done in an improvizational format where the audiences share a poetry / Shayari written by them and these are then taken by the actors and converted into stories and composition on the spot. The actors speak to each other in poetry /shayari, which is done on the spot as well.

4. Masala Improv Comedy
These are short-forms and games where the audiences suggest situations and characters and the actors enact them impromptu. Widely popular in US. Theatre sports for an audience would be on the same lines as the popular TV Show "whose line is it anyway". Yours Truly members are trained in theatre sports by Adam from Seattle. Its a Indian version of Improv comedy, spicy with lot of masala.

5. Harold
Another treat for an experienced Improv actor, here the audiences suggest a single word, which is then split into multiple words by the actors and then made into a 45 minute play on spot, impromptu. Yours Truly members are trained in Harold by Adam from Seattle.

6. Black Rainbow Project
This format emerged from our theatre lab. Here the actors rehearse blind-folded and perform blind-folded for a blind audience. This arose when YT decided to peform for a series of blind schools across Bangalore.

7. Forum Theatre
Developed by Augusto Boal, Brazil. Here the protagonist is replaced by an audience member who then handles the oppression and situation; with a Joker overseeing the entire proceeding. Multiple audience members are allowed to play the protagonist. A powerful tool to handle oppressive situations. Used at YT for interventional work.