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" Illiterate bards sang tales which involved repetition, concrete narration, and performance that encompassed both the traditional and the improvisational. Furthermore, while the experience was most definitely designed to be fun, there was a higher purpose involved, centering on the importance of remembrance and the transmission of a community's most important truths " (Jonathan Fox, Founder of Playback Theatre)
What is Playback Theatre?
Playback Theatre is created through a unique collaboration between performers and audience. Here the audience shares a feel, moment, or a story from their life, and then these are enacted the the actors on the spot, the audience get to watch their story is immediately recreated and given artistic shape and coherence.
There are 3 main section under playback: Fluids, stories, and conflicts. There are newer sections introduced in playback theatre such as echo, encounter and chorus.
Rhythm of a performance
It starts with ice breakers to make audience feel comfortable. Then few warm up questions are asked to audience which actors then act spontaneously, after which the audience is asked to share a incident from their lives which is then acted out spontaneously by the actors.

There is no script, but there is a rhythm and sequence to a Playback Theatre performance. The Conductor is the host and facilitator of the process. After a period of introductions and warming up, someone will volunteer to tell a story. It could be a short moment, or about a longer event. They may be past, present or future stories. They could be about a very special time or about something that happens everyday. In the course of a performance 3, 4 or 5, maybe more, people will come forward to tell a story in this way. Towards the end of a performance, the conductor may invite reflections on the process, and the team will create some sort of closure appropriate for the event.
This form of theatre is very entertaining and interactive. Audience feel very important as the play is from their lives. They can connect to it so it becomes a very enjoyable experience which they cherish for the rest of their lives.
Playback Theatre is a process that can be adapted to many settings. Playback Theatre exists in three forms: (a) artistic, (b) therapeutic, and (c) social/development .








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