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Theatre Productions

Bhagwan Dhundo (In Search of God)
Directed by Nandini & Ranji: (latest production)

A devised production completely exploratory in nature with multiple short stories on the theme of search with music being a common thread. It explores movement, drama, and soundscapes. The production is an amalgamation of lights, music, and actors. The production traces journey; journey of people in multiple stages of life, of city, plasticity, concreteness, oness, abstraction, and duality of the mind. Music is by Band Aagam, Backdrop used is a magnificent 40 x 20 feet painting of "City" by Anand Kumar (National Award Winning Painter).>> read more
Common Man: Written & directed by Nandini & Ranji
This comedy is a social satire and is performed in the "Complete-The-Story" style of theatre. It is a tribute to the common man and his dreams, aspirations, conflicts. The play has been performed more than 6 shows in Bangalore and is now traveling outside Bangalore to various cities in India and outside India, after being nominated for the International Theatre Festival 2009..>>read more

Purple Roses: Written & directed by Ranji (August 2004)
Based in a small village of Karnataka, the Dharwad-Kannada play is about a village girl, her innocence, her love, her dreams and how life takes a turn and she ends up being the village headman’s wife and how life brings back lost glory and love.

Shanti Nilaya: Written by Saju Salem & directed by Ranji (August 2006).
This Tamil family drama is about family relationships and trivial's, set in Bangalore in the 1970's and the secret that surrounds the housemaid. This play was performed under the Final Touches series.

CLT+ALT+DEL: Written & directed by Nandini (October 2005)
The play revolves around three colleagues working on important pitch and how they discover each other's past, weaknesses, and life while solving a crime. Done in perspective theatre style the play is feast to watch with scenes from godfather to mythology.

Friend, philosopher & Guide: Written & directed by Nandini (August 2006)
Based in a railway platform, this Hindi-musical play is a romantic journey of a tourist guide and his encounter with a girl and how they change each other and how their past comes in their way of future.

The Birthday party:
conceptualized by the YT team & directed by Nandini(2004)
The spooky story is based on how one person suddenly falls under suspicion and from there the story takes a different turn and the highlight of the story is it fly's off the tip of the mountain taken the audience along with it on a journey of suspense.

Pair of Glasses: Written & directed by Nandini
This political satire is based on how "common" creatures take over humans and how humans are hypnotized by their magical talks and deeds. The play also show how people with power can turn a society upside down and run it according to their whims and fancies.

30 years Later: Written & directed by Ranji (2003)
This suspense thriller is about a schizophrenic whose life takes a 'U' turn once he comes in contact with his artistic side. The story is also the push and pull between reality and imaginary world, and finally the side that wins is the side of world the character finally succumbs to.

"Maya - An illusion:
Written & directed by Nandini (2003)
An all-women character based story about the trivial's of a married couple and once the wife goes missing a lot emerges from the dark side of a world unknown to the husband. It is his ability to handle her world that emerges in this colorful play filled with women of different emotional range and the world which they rule.

"The Park":
Written & directed by Ranji, 2003
This play done in silent theatre style is a simple love story with colorful characters who come alive and live life to give more depth to the story .

Music for Eyes: Written & directed by Nandini, 2002
This play is a journey of two patients whose life oversees a colorful street full of vigor. This sensitive play takes the audience through the downside of a blind patient and how simple things when added with emotional high changes the outlook and the core of a person. How people and surroundings can change a dry leaf into a beautiful orchid.

K.N Panikar's "Lone Tusker:
Directed by Ranji, SPOT, Bangalore Little Theatre, 2000
One of Panikar's folk-classic, with 2 parallel stories running side the main story
>>>this play is about an actors journey into the forest of emotions and his ability to handle the unpredictable creatures within the forest and an actor's ultimate tests.
>>>the second parallel was "Jonathan Livingston Seagull", a bird whose strive for perfection leads him out of his tribe and as an outcast how his perfection leads the tribe back to his world, enacted using only masks and music.
>>>the third parallel is about Brenda and her issues with personal and professional life which is always under scrutiny and pressure, done in body theatre style.
"The Lone Tusker" as a play was enacted as a representation of the social isolation that humans are subjected with the 3 stories and the grand finale that finally follows the 3 stories when they merge as a powerful ending.